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Use our APIs to innovate connect to millions of customers and help us make beauty more efficient, inclusive and effective. 




How to start

Getting started

All L'Oréal APIs are protected using standard based OAuth2.0 Authentication and Authorisation Framework.
To obtain an API key there is no need to engage in neverending registration procedures. 
The process is quick and simple; all you need to do is :


  • Register on our portal with a username and an email address
  • Create an app to get an API key.
  • Subscribe to one or more APIs.


Let’s get started


Featured APIs




Skin screen is a revolutionary Skin Diagnosis that helps women by unveiling their skin like they’ve never seen it before & providing them the right personalized skincare routine with their Beauty Advisor. CRM connection is key as we’ll share this product recommendations with the client & enrich our databases with precious consumer data related to diagnosis to improve beauty profiles & products.


Skin Screen




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​​Product 360 view is gathering from multiple Data sources Product information's  and expose them through a single point.

By having a Product 360 view, we provide an up-to-date data exposed  in a single point compliant with the single source of through principle.  














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The augmented products program aims to create a digital identity for all L'Oréal products. This digital identity, materialized on the products using QR codes, will allow consumers to access our brands services and contents. The code, when serialized (ie. when each code is unique by containing a serial number), will be used for internal supply chain traceability. Each consumer scan generates data and insights both useful for marketing teams and brand protection teams. 




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About this portal

About this Portal

The API Developer portal is the API markeplace of L'oreal Group. Its purpose is to promote APIs to all entities of l'Oréal , for future partners, startups or developers. If you are interested in APIs of l'Oreal, you can explore, try then contact the API owners to use them in productive environment.


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